Developing Leadership In Civic Engagement

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Registered in Nigeria, Leadership Development Foundation for Civic Literacy also known as the “Center for Education and Citizenship” is an Educational non-profit organization committed to the enrichment of Public Literacy and Citizenship in Nigeria.

At LDFCL, we understand the importance of improved human capital for sustainable social outcomes and engagement and we aim to nurture, support and champion greater attention not only on democratic principles but also on the meaning and personal responsibilities attendant to being a Nigerian citizen. We focus on improving sustainable education at all levels that would help Nigerians to produce knowledge needed for personal and societal wellbeing. Our commitments are motivated on the need for public interest education and research and the development of occupational models that takes the developmental needs of Nigeria and the wider communities at heart.

On these interests, we aim to help Nigerians to become more curious about the world around them and more aware of the myriad opportunities that exist everywhere, and to engender a renewed sense of patriotism and a greater willingness of Nigerians to serve and sacrifice for their country.

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Harnessing the Power of Education

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In the words of Thomas Jefferson (1820): “I know no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education.”

With the special interest to enrich social and intellectual capital, the educational motivations of LDFCL feeds on the organizational awareness that it is a people’s responsibility to identify their challenges, and work towards eradicating them, and in order to establish a national character of our own, education that leaves room for innovation and growth and building capacities for inward and domestic motivations is needed.

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Competency Building and Support

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Leadership Development Foundation for Civic Literacy (LDCFL) is interested in pooling together a diverse group of partners, resources and volunteers who support the development of Citizenship and Public Literacy in Nigeria. The platform is open to all without respect to gender, age or affiliations.

Through our strategic partnerships, we aim to build a network of CIVIC CORPS passionate about the particular needs of democracy in a developing country like Nigeria.

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Research and Publications

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Research has for long sustained the foundations of democratic practices. This is possible because of its potential to cultivate intellectual and ethical judgments, allowing educational inquiry full comprehension on issues that are of utmost importance to the needs of a society, as well as equipping societies with the tools to determine the best course of action in line with their specific needs.

LDCFL research interests are geared towards the promotion of national and international policy discussions on citizenship and development, civic responsibility, programmatic politics, credible and sustained leadership and building bridges from knowledge to Power as it relates to Nigeria and its place in the community of nations. Our aim is to serve as a forum for Nigeria- responsive research, communication and exchange of ideas. Our research aims seek to put the most important needs of Nigerian development at the center of national and international discussions, and to champion best practices that will help Nigeria to meet those needs.

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At LDFCL, we see Nigeria as a microcosm of the world – a vivid specimen of the world's challenges and opportunities – reflecting in Nigeria's own resplendent colors. We see Nigeria as a future powerhouse with millions of teeming young talents ready to make a difference.

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