Harnessing the Power of Education

In the words of Thomas Jefferson (1820): “I know no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education.”

With the special interest to enrich social and intellectual capital, the educational motivations of LDFCL feeds on the organizational awareness that it is a people’s responsibility to identify their challenges, and work towards eradicating them, and in order to establish a national character of our own, education that leaves room for innovation and growth and building capacities for inward and domestic motivations is needed.

Acknowledging the importance of education to effective citizenship, we aim to lay the foundation for higher educational reformation that will afford insight into the larger issues of science, society, human community, global cultures or the values and institutions that provide the foundation for democracy. We strive towards liberal education that will prepare the young to navigate a world in which whole industries and whole sectors of the economy had become interdependent, requiring more knowledge of the world and of the society they apply to. We function on the understanding that educational institutions arguably have a responsibility to develop educational programs and curricula that foster “global citizens”, either as a consequence of their educational project or in response to the developmental needs of Nigeria in an era of increasing globalization of workforce and awareness. Through our mobile liberal educational hub, we are committed to taking liberal education to the grassroots as a way of achieving a uniformed consciousness on civic literacy that engineers conscious citizenship and guard the educational decisions of the youth in their search for a career part.

For conceptual coherence in the choice of higher education and for the healthy growth of the Nigerian Society, we champion the liberal development of the youth; encourage outstanding individuals with a strong sense of social responsibility and committed to the ideals of social entrepreneurship. LDFCL ambition is to position Nigerians to participate in global and national civic engagement by helping students and the public to understand the relationship between what they want and the needs of the society. This is aimed at imbuing capacities for Nigeria-responsive entrepreneurship and the release human potentials.

In a more interconnected world with increased access to data and research, we recognize the need for professionals equipped with higher education to help veer academic interests towards solving the practical needs of the Nigerian society and to incentivize the emergence of “citizen-scholars” who use their research to create real-world impact.

At LDFCL, we see Nigeria as a microcosm of an emerging world – a clear specimen of the world’s developmental challenges and opportunities – reflecting in her cultural diversity. We see Nigeria as a future powerhouse with millions of teeming young talents ready to make a difference.

LDFCL Vision

We envision a democratic Nigeria where Leadership equals service and citizens inclusively participate in decision makings. In addressing our mission we focus on the ability of democratic institutions to deliver good leadership, social development, representative and accountable government, responsiveness to citizens’ needs and aspirations, peace, the rule of law and equal rights for all citizens aimed at raising a new generation of Nigerians ready to move beyond the past and embrace a future without boundaries.

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At LDFCL, we see Nigeria as a microcosm of the world – a vivid specimen of the world's challenges and opportunities – reflecting in Nigeria's own resplendent colors. We see Nigeria as a future powerhouse with millions of teeming young talents ready to make a difference.

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