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Registered in Nigeria, Leadership Development Foundation for Civic Literacy also known as the “Center for Education and Citizenship” is a non-profit organization committed to the enrichment of Public Literacy and Citizenship in Nigeria and beyond.

At LDFCL, we understand the importance of improved Human capital for sustainable social outcomes and we aim to nurture, support and champion greater attention on the meaning and personal responsibilities attendant to being a Citizen. We focus on enriching education at all levels- one that would help Nigerians to produce knowledge needed for personal and societal wellbeing. Our commitments are motivated on the need for public interest education and research, and the development of social relation models that takes the development needs of Nigeria and the wider communities at heart.

Via these interests, we aim to help Nigerians to become more curious about the world around them and more aware of the myriad opportunities that exist elsewhere, and to engender a renewed sense of patriotism and a greater willingness to serve and sacrifice for our collective interests.

To achieve this, the organization embraces the following OBJECTIVES:

• The Foundation will promote excellence in public Education and leadership through capacity-building workshops, seminars and linkages with like-minded institutions and organizations. It will also carry out research and disseminate research findings on global best practices. These efforts will inculcate in public and private sector leaders the values of collectivism and sustainability and strengthen educational pursuit on these commitments.

• The Foundation will organize literary competitions and awards bordering on public literacy and academic writing. This is aimed at fermenting engagement with sustainable development literatures and encouraging theorizations on issues important to the developmental needs of Nigeria and the wider community.

• The Foundation will create and empower a network of youths, especially the age group most directly impacted by education to make contributions to national political, social, and economic development. This is aimed at facilitating strategic communication and encouraging engagement with social and political decision-making.

• The Foundation will provide a platform for education consultation, Study abroad programs and counseling at all levels. Here we aim to strengthen Public education’s democratic mission and foster a more democratic culture throughout Nigerian society.

• The Foundation will promote constructive dialogue among civic societies, other non-state actors, public institutions and the private sector, and creating conditions for sustainable engagements-aimed at enriching commitments to public goods and services.

• The foundation will work with education providers at all levels in Nigeria to foster programs and experiences that truly educate, enlighten and inspire students and citizens to be informed, caring and engaging. It will also work with international organizations to promote global citizenship.

• Furthermore, within the design of the activities of our project, the priorities of Nigerian governments on development and education are accommodated, as well as the wider objectives set by the international community. Via this we hope to be present in the decision-making dialogue and have the capacity to contribute through lobbying and advocacy activities in changes that we consider strategic to building a sustainable democracy in Nigeria.

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At LDFCL, we see Nigeria as a microcosm of the world – a vivid specimen of the world's challenges and opportunities – reflecting in Nigeria's own resplendent colors. We see Nigeria as a future powerhouse with millions of teeming young talents ready to make a difference.

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You can reach Leadership Development Foundation for Civic literacy on the Address below.

Address: Justice Gate No. 2 Petersburg Street, off Parakou Crescent, Wuse 2 Abuja.
No. 37 Nnaekezie Street, Area M, World Bank Housing Estate Owerri, Imo State.
Telephone: +234-903-5466-335
Others: +234-805-066-8788
E-mail: info@ldfcl.org

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